3 Black Hat SEO techniques that hurt your web positioning

09 August 2021
Veruska Ortega
3 Black Hat SEO techniques that hurt your web positioning

Google doesn’t like Black Hat, so it punishes it harshly. If it detects that a website is doing it, it will penalise it with the loss of positions in the ranking of results and, in the most serious cases, it could mean that the website disappears directly from the results page. These 3 prohibited positioning techniques will prevent your website from being penalised, so pay attention so you can learn how to eradicate them.



Cloaking is the process of making Google believe that a page is optimised for a certain keyword when in fact it is not. This technique has been used a lot, but today Google has the right tools to detect and punish it quickly.


Article spinning

Creating a good article to get organic positioning is not easy. It involves a good investment of time, effort and even hiring a specialist. Given that a single text is not enough to convince Google that a website is good, there are those who decide to resort to article spinning. This technique consists of creating new content from a text, making only a few small modifications using software. 


Link spam

With this technique what is sought is to get a large number of links (not organic, of course) pointing to the website you want to position to get the top positions in the SERPs. This is achieved by creating fake blogs and web pages to deliberately place links. Google detects them because, in most cases, the links come from pages that have nothing to do with the subject of the website they are trying to position.


Black Hat vs. White Hat

Black Hat can give good results in the short term, but users and Google will sooner or later detect that it is not a quality website and all the time invested in doing this bad positioning will end up in the trash along with your website being penalised. White Hat SEO applies good SEO practices and, although the results take longer to be seen, they are much more stable.

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